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Repose 072 - the final act


It has been a good run! I hope you enjoyed all the music. I might make more episodes but I'm letting myself off the hook :)

Feel free to say hi or send music recommendations my way -

Thank you to all the artists and labels for their support (and free music) over the years. Thank you all for listening, and especially to those of you who have sent me kind words. Much love!


Repose 072 - the final act
Refraction - Echo Season 0:00
Serene - Miktek 7:43
Initiation - blissbox 13:20
wind through forgotten plains - Darkhalo 19:49
Hilarion - Martin Nonstatic 21:24
Infinite Lucence - Shunkan Idou 31:50
Esperanza - Der Waldläufer 38:03
You Need - mr. projectile 42:39
Warm Signal - Apparat 49:02
Place Gun to Head - proem 53:53
Lomond - Loess 59:49

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