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Repose 058 - The Solomon Vocal Records

Wow, it has been quite a heavey couple of months for me.  I skipped a month of Repose.  Thanks to all of you who wrote me to let me know you noticed!  

Here's a mix I put together on a plane from Honiara coming back home.  It was a heavy week and I needed some happy tunes to relax me.  I've been wanting to put together a vocal mix for quite some time ... A little unusual, but certainly I think you'll agree that all these tracks are Repose tracks ;)

Still my mic amp is busted so no voiceover.  I'll try to do something about that in December.

1. A Song About Hope / Ulrich Schnauss 0:00

2. O Suomi / Stareaway 5:36

3. Flikr Of Ur Eye / Swarms 12:32

4. Sit Down / Flunk 17:12

5. Rough Sex / Decoder Ring 23:20

6. There Is No / L'altra 26:00

7. At the Edge of the World You Will Still Float / Telefon tel Aviv 29:36

8. Futures / Zero 7 36:00

9. Aaah Yes / BIG SPACESHIP 39:49

10. You Don't Have a Clue / Röyksopp 43:09

11. The Corner Of Her Eye / Stumbleine 47:36

12. Unravel / Bjork 51:36



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