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A huge thanks to Micah for this guest mix!  I did my best with the voiceover - I'm still in Fiji and left my good mic in Australia!  If you like the mix check out the playlist below and Micah's website

Repose Podcast - Stray Theories Mix

1. Dave Greening - Heartache (Owsey's Ambient Version)

2. Exist Strategy - A Dreamer's Eulogy

3. Keith Kenniff - Portraits Pt1

4. Vitaly Beskrovny -  Winter Story

5. Will Samson - Runaway, Runaway (Remastered)

6. Gang Violins - This Fire (You Lit In My Heart Will Destroy Us Both)

7. Alex Kozobolis - I Promise

8. Parks - Black Day, Silver Sea

9. Sky Flying By -  Not everything has to be a struggle

10. Ghost and Tape -  Bico

11. Dalot - Haiku 10

12. Tulpa - Alpha & Omega

13. Need a Name - Rain, Roads and Lights (Stray Theories Remix)

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